Broadneck Baseball and Softball — 3 Comments

  1. Last evening I witnessed the most unsportsmanshiplike behavior of a coaching staff ever. Kids pitch 8 Belvedere field three. The opposing team’ coach who came in to pitch to their hitters threw repeated high arched balls which were not even swung at, over and over, 10-15+ balls to each hitter at bat no doubt in order to leave the opposing team on the field in the direct sun with a temperature of 103′.

    I am calling for a disqualification of the team from the playoffs due to gross unsportsmanlike conduct by a coaching staff as well as a permanent ban of the coaching staff from the Broadneck league.

  2. QUOTING DIRECTLY FROM THE WEBSITE …..[“The goal at BBSC is to provide an opportunity for Broadneck-area children of all levels of ability and interest to play softball and baseball in a safe environment, emphasizing sportsmanship and fair play. Most importantly, we simply want to make softball and baseball a fun and memorable experience for all. …”]