Chesapeake Bay Recovery Partnership — 1 Comment

  1. I’m Warren Turner, owner of Rebecca’s Organic Garden in Howard County, Md., and I distributes Brick House Farm Alkaline Spring Water. Turns out, one of the healthiest and best tasting spring waters in the world comes from nearby Howard County, with an alkalinity that varies (annually) between 7.5 pH and 8.5 pH. Brick House Farm alkaline spring water also won the title of best tasting spring water at the Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, international water tasting competition!

    If your group is interested in providing the best tasting and healthiest spring water in the world and making a very nice profit for your group in the process, please contact me.

    I’m holding in my hand a roll of personalized labels from a previous Brick House Farm spring water project in 2005 (from single-serve, half-liter bottles) that says, “RESTORE the Chesapeake Bay”, and, “Chesapeake Bay Recovery Partnership 2005”, which features oysters and crabs on the “inside” of the label, as viewed through the bottle.

    Would you like to rekindle such a fund-raising project for your group today? Contact me at:

    Warren Turner