Shore Acres Improvement Association — 6 Comments

    • Not sure of the answer to your question, but AA County has the Tanglewood Community Association contact information listed as:
      Tanglewood Community Association
      1465 Eagle Court
      Arnold, MD 21012

  1. Can anyone tell me what the covenants are for the Shore Acres community are?



    • The Shore Acres website disappeared a while back. Here is some info from a web search.
      The domain name is registered to:
      Shore Acres Inc
      PO Box 12
      Arnold, MD 21012
      (410) 757-8403
      Cyndy Feldman
      (410) 757-8415

      A listing for “Shore Acres Improvement Association Club House” shows
      Magothy Ave
      Arnold, MD 21012
      (410) 757-841

      I added a link to the web site for the Weatherly, which is a community within Shore Acres. They have a contact link on their site.

  2. I have property located on Hilltop Road in the Shore Acres Area. I used to belong to the association but I don’t know how much the dues are. Could you please let me know. Also I am interested in renting the hall for a baby shower and would like to know if this is possible and if so, how much it would cost. Please let me know where I can find out this information. Thank You.

  3. Please share! Lost dog in St. Margaret’s Area – near Holly Drive – she ran off Tuesday afternoon. Golden red-haired retriever. She is named Emma and is wearing a pink collar with name tag and has a black harness on. Megan and Emma just moved back to Annapolis on Monday, so Emma will be very skittish and have no idea where she is – she ran away while her mom was moving into their new home. She is very friendly, just nervous.

    Please call Megan at 410-991-0356 if you see Emma.