Anne Arundel County Animal Control — 2 Comments

  1. My dog was lost is Westminster,Md at Hashawa park on 4-14-11. He was hit by a pickup and ran in the woods. He is a male unneutered Rhodesian Ridgeback, purebred. He has a red coat and black nose. His name is Tucker and he is afraid of people but loves all other dogs. He was wearing a choke chain collar with black fabric woven into it. Any info please contact 717-479-3080 or Carroll County Humane Society 410-848-4810.

  2. My neighbor has a great dane dog that keeps barking and howling all through the day and all hours of the night. I have tried talking to my neighbor and a writing complaint to the apartment owner and no one will do anything about it. I have even called the cops 3 times on him. And still the dog is barking and howling at all hours of the day and night. I need help on what I can do.